An Interview With: Scarlet Hall

Hey, how are you? Hello! I’m good thank you, just sitting at home working on my new zine! Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself? So my name is Scarlet Hall, I’m 19 and from the south of England. I would say I’m a woman of many trades.

I design and create an independent zine called MASH solely by myself (obviously with features from other people too) on the topics of music, art and sex. I use a lot of my own photos from photoshoots I’ve conducted and from gigs I’ve attended. I write articles, music reviews and sometimes make collage art to go in there too. I started my zine at the peak of the lockdown last year and I have to say this is mainly what got me through it. How would you describe your style of work? I would describe my style of work as being inspired by DIY culture specifically from the ’70s and ’80s. I’m not interested in being well known and liked by the masses but by people who share the love and passion for the same things I do. Aesthetically, I’m obsessed with bright contrasting colours but also the grungy, grainy black and white cut and stick photos that were so big in punk zines.

What inspires your work? Lots of things inspire my work, one being my family, especially my late uncle who during the ’70s and 80’s worked as a music journalist for a number of well-respected music magazines and got to work alongside many bands that happen to be my absolute favourites.

I’m also inspired by youth culture and subcultures in the way that a shared music taste can bring so many people together. I want for my zine to be able to push some new bands into the spotlight just a tiny bit to help them to find their people because I believe there is an audience for everything and everyone!

What would be your dream project to work on? My dream project would have to be to work alongside a bigger iconic magazine like the NME or The Face and help with styling and photography or to be a new music writer and go to gigs and take pictures!

Who should we be following on Instagram? My favourite people to follow on Instagram are @museumofyouthculture who are partnered with @youthclubsocial, with the aim to create a museum that showcases youth culture in Britain from around 1920 to the present day. Also, @thefatzine which is “A zine by fat people for fat people & anyone who cares about them”. I think this zine is just so liberating and aesthetically beautiful.

Thank you Scarlet!

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