An Interview With: Ollie Silvester

Hey, how are you? I’m good thank you. I’ve been pretty busy of late, which is nice after having and extremely quiet spell last year. It’s nice to be working on some fun projects and feeling like I am making a living from my creative pursuits.

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself? I’m an illustrator (and part time model [I find it both embarrassing and thrilling to tell people]) living and working in Bristol from a shared studio space in the centre of the city. I grew up in the countryside, surrounded by idyllic scenes and smells and textures and most importantly a messy mass of woodland and hedgerows and twisted organic beauty. I studied illustration at Winchester School of Art and became completely obsessed with the industry and never looked back. I always knew I wanted to be ‘an artist’ but until I found illustration I never truly knew what I would become, I just knew I wanted to be an image maker. I love music and dancing and gardening and birds and generally showing off in some way or another, so I can’t wait to start heading back to art fairs and shows and gigs and talk at anyone that will listen, wearing something ridiculous.

How would you describe your style of work?

My work is a mixture of commercial illustration and daydreaming threads from my wandering imagination shoved down onto appear in the hope that it visualises how I feel inside and out. It’s gentle and wobbly and desperately trying to look like it’s been pulled from a moment in a story where not much is happening but something probably will soon.

What inspires your work?

I’m inspired by the small stuff. The moments in between moments, the quiet parts of life and the mundane beauty of fleeting interactions and things often overlooked when you're on your way from one life event to the next. I’m endlessly in awe of light and shadow (early evening when the sunset hasn’t quite hit yet is the best) and live in hope that I can some day capture how it makes me feel. I’m overtly drawn to organic and plant matter, the messy beauty, incredible shape and texture and movement of mother nature’s creations.

What would be your dream project to work on? I don’t think I have a singular dream project, as it were. I would love to work on some self indulgent animated works, a short animated film done in traditional medium, something textural and messy and playful with some sound design. I’ve been doing a fair bit of corporate work of late and I’m having the artists urge to be selfish and hide myself away and make something just for my own creative ego. I’d also really like to do some collaborative work with people that aren’t illustrators, something fun and out of my usual zone of reference. I’d love to work on a picture book! And put a bit more time into some sculptures I’ve been messing about with. But I’d also like to put my hand to something that feels like it is making a difference, a campaign that is contributing to some sort of greater good in this world that feels endlessly turbulent.

Who should we be following on instagram? I would just say everyone I follow but that would be a cop out. It’s hard to narrow it down because I follow some incredible people but firstly you should be following all of my studio mates and honorary members: @mollyfairhurst @molley.may @honey.parast @robbiecathro @lucie_ebrey @lucyjhaslam @gergemanson @santiago.taberna Then some of my favourite artists and pages: @julianahyrri @jilliantamaki @shagey_ @vewn_ @antoinecosse @beatricealemagna @karllikesotto @eviemayadams @publicdomainrev @looneytunesbackgrounds @bl00mfield @minstudio_ @snakebone_ And of course @heads_bristol

Thank you!

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