An Interview With: Le Ren

We talked to Canadian based musician Le Ren ahead of her debut album release 'Leftovers', out October 15th on Secretly Canadian.

Hey! How are you?

Very well! How are you? I wish you could reply.

Your debut album is out on October 15th! Tell us a bit about what inspired this album?

I was inspired by the pressing feeling that I should be making music because it is what fills me with the most amount of joy. I spent a lot of my life thinking I wasn’t good enough to pursue a career in music and this album feels like a gift that is bringing me closer to myself.

What was the process with making the album?

The process felt like a bit of a quest (!) that was at times, lonely. It started with me writing a bunch of songs in my room over the years and then gathering them into a collection. Because I made this during the pandemic, I was unable to get everyone who played on the record in the same room, so our sessions were splintered. I am really, really excited for the day we will all come together, whenever that will be!!

The pandemic postponed the recording of your album, how did this change your

approach to the songs?

Pre-pandemic, I had everything ready to go and had written what I thought was going to be the final version of the album. When it got postponed, I just kept writing and ended up adding a bunch of new songs which changed the record entirely. My writing style definitely evolved over the past year and I allowed myself to be a bit looser in form as opposed to being tied to a more standard bluegrass formula that I had attached myself to.

In what ways would the album have sounded differently if it was recorded when it was

originally meant to?

I think it would’ve sounded rushed. I'm glad I gave it more time!

What do you want people to take away from listening to the album?

I hope people like it and don’t hate it. That would be good.

Favourite song to dance around the kitchen to?

Oh No by Softee :~)

If you could have written the soundtrack to any film what would it be?

The School of Rock

Name three things you’re looking forward to over the next year!

Fall, Winter, Spring.

Photography credit: Yang Shi x Jean-Guillaume Bastin


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