An Interview With: Jack Hardy

Hey, how are you? Hello, I'm doing well, thank you.

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself? I'm an Australian artist living in Brighton. Born in 1999. I started painting about 3 years ago. As I’ve always spent a lot of time in my head, it felt like the perfect device for me to bridge the outside world with my inner world. Since then, I have been using my art to communicate how I experience and process the world around me (a stream of consciousness) in order to hopefully connect with others who may be able to relate to or understand what I'm saying.

How would you describe your work? There’s different threads/themes to my work. I often use stylised faces and simplified/abstracted forms, alongside words and poetry. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly. At the moment, I’m aiming to create a surreal atmosphere which focuses on the fantastical and absurd aspects of life.

What inspires your work? Real world experiences, objects, places and also things unseen - the invisible world - like thoughts and music. It can be anything really. One day I might be obsessed with drawing reptiles, and the next it’ll be electronic album artwork from the 90s.

What would be your dream project to work on? I love skateboarding and fashion, so a dream project of mine would be to work with a skate brand or independent designer. I'd also love to write and make a film one day. Who should we be following on instagram? @kikoisokay, @indianahoover, @jo.k_, @vladimelnix, @bobicicmatija.

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